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Success Stories

Sanctuary Care Homes

In 2012 Sanctuary Care Homes were ready to try a new approach to training their care workers.  While their care and safety culture was sound, they felt they needed to move to the next level in order to stay up-to-date with increasing training demands.  As a result, Sanctuary Care adopted the CareShield eLearning system, revolutionising the way that their training is delivered. 

“We were surprised by how quickly and easily our care workers adopted and implemented the new training system. We’ve received excellent feedback from all our managers and care workers” (Tracy Coleman, Learning Development Manager at Sanctuary Care Home).

By addressing the unique learning needs of Sanctuary Care Homes, CareShield have helped solve the problems that they were experiencing with the old way of training.  CareShield have not only improved the learning outcomes for Sanctuary Care Homes, but have also increased the efficiency of training assessment, monitoring and reporting. As a consequence, CareShield have quickly become the first choice for Sanctuary Care Homes.